You want to sell from your OWN Online Shop!

Shoppers like to buy from Marketplaces

Would it be nice, if we could have both? Have item in a marketplace and get paid at your own shop!

At Item ATLAS – Yes You Can!

How it Works?

1. You list your products at Item ATLAS for Shoppers to Browse

2. Shoppers choose your Product to Buy

3. Shoppers Pays at your shop and Complete Purchase!

How much does it cost?

You can start for FREE, List 100 products for Free to Trial our smart and advanced Syncing functions! 

500 Products
$289+GST per year

800 Products
$389+GST per year

1200 Products
$489+GST per year

2000 Products
$589+GST per year

3500 Products
$789+GST per year

5000+ Products
$949+GST per year

Sync Your Products from Your Shop into Item ATLAS at Ease!

No Need to Spend Hours to Add Products at Item ATLAS. Innovation is our Tradition!

ItemSync for Woocommerce/Wordpress
You can Sync all product from your wordpress shop using our syncing plugin. Takes about 5 min to add 100 products! 

ShopifySync for Shopify Stores
You can Sync all product from your Sopify based shop using our API syncing feature. Takes about 8 min to add 100 products!